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Tricky Talking About Everything
Articles and comments about what happens daily on this planet.
Some small and big things to make you happy, sad or even angry.
Share, discuss and give your sane comments if you want.
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Craft Beers I Like It
Today the world of Craft Beers is exploding.
There are more and more breweries eporting their beer
What could you expect when buying or drinking craftbeers.
Read all about the breweries, beers and making brews by yourself.
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For All The Foodies
Are we producing and eating food in the right way?
Books, program’s and shows let you know how great good food can be.
Shop right, Cook smart and share the fun with friends and family
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Explore The World
Travel info about cities and countries ever visited.
Nice stories and pictures are fun to share with other Nomads.
Look in the Gallery for more photo's.
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Look What A Nice Picture
Photo's of all nice places and people in this world. Look and enjoy.
Feel the memory of past experiences.

Talking About Craft Beers, Good Food And Traveling The World

All you want to know about Craft Beers, Food Pairing and exploring new places.  

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