Started at young age with making pictures and improved skills. Taking that special emotional moment and the beauty of the stills. Making pictures about street art, people, nature, industry and ordinary life.


Started with Boots kit long time ago and developed own equipment. Brewing all styles.


Enjoying to buy and create good food. Visiting festivals to learn from the cooks and tasting food and drinks.​

Japanese Gardening

Simplicity, serenity and the wind rushing through bamboo makes the perfect garden. Collected bamboo species and designed gardens with oriental elements

Born in Amsterdam Netherlands. Studied and worked many years in healthcare industry. Switched over to the pharmaceutical industry. Was active as manager in many disease areas and regions of the world.

Currently active as consultant in Sales & Marketing Food & Pharma industry. Visited many countries all over the world and met interesting people. Active as brewer, writer and photographer.

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Winfried Weel
  • 20 years experience with sales & marketing project management.
  • Knowledge and experience of complex of doing business in multicultural countries.
  • Writing articles about business
  • Design of websites​
  • Creating craft beers

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