28 April 2017

Brewing books advised by the Beeradvocate

True Beer: Inside the Small, Neighborhood Nanobreweries Changing the World of Craft Beer Author Timothy Sprinkle takes readers behind the scenes of Colorado nanobreweries to reveal the realities, with a nuanced perspective on this narrow but growing segment. Hoptopia: A World of Agriculture and Beer in Oregon’s Willamette Valley Author Peter Kopp traces the hop’s history from its oldest ancestor, […]
1 November 2016
DIY: Hop Spider main hop spider 1200x630

DIY: Hop Spider

Hops are a vital ingredient in most beers, but they can present a messy problem. We need them in the boil but really don’t want them in the fermentor. Whole-leaf hops become bulky as they absorb wort and break apart, while pellet hops turn into green sludge. Either way, they can easily clog a valve, a racking tube, a pump, […]
4 October 2016
Hopback vs. Knockout Hops watchingflow 1200x630

Hopback vs. Knockout Hops

Late addition hops are a crucial element of today’s IPA as brewers strive to capture more hops aroma and flavor without adding bitterness. But English breweries (and some brewers inspired by English Brewing beer, good food and traveling practices) have been using the hopback technique for ages, running wort from the kettle through a container filled with whole leaf hops. […]
7 September 2016
Hops: Homegrown For Homebrew hop screen 1200x630

Hops: Homegrown For Homebrew

One of the most approachable beer ingredients a homebrewer can tackle is homegrown hops. Sure, yeast wrangling is a fun, nerdy challenge, but chances are, the wild bugs will produce something that reminds you more of a used diaper than Cantillon. And yes, wheat and barley grow all over, but even the most stewarded of plots in a typical homebrewer’s […]

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