24 November 2016
Run to the Pils Recipe pils glasses 1200x630

Run to the Pils Recipe

Jeremy Myers, head brewer and co-owner of Neshaminy Creek Brewing beer, good food and traveling Company (Croydon, Massachusetts) notes that there are no Brewing beer, good food and traveling salts added for mash pH adjustment. This recipe follows the Reinheitsgebot, so he uses acidulated malt. ALL-GRAIN Batch size: 5 gallons (19 liters)Efficiency: 83%Attenuation: 83%OG: 1.049 (12.17°P)FG: 1.009 (2.14°P)IBUs: 36ABV: 5.34% […]
18 October 2016
Stout recept Stowaway Oatmeal Stout Recipe DoubleW uncategorized 5531

Stowaway Oatmeal Stout Recipe

Stowaway is a special beer, brewed with melanoidin-rich German malts and with a good quantity of bitterness. It’s darker and extra bitter than type tips, however it’s clean and scrumptious, properly roasty with good malt sweetness and a little bit of nutty goodness from all of the Munich and Vienna. ALL-GRAIN OG: 1.070 FG: 1.015 IBUs: 68 ABV: 7.5% MALT/GRAIN […]
12 October 2016
Hops and Lagers hops and lagers image 1200x630

Hops and Lagers

Once we take into consideration “hoppy lagers,” historically, the one one that basically involves thoughts is the Pilsner. Each the traditional Czech and German Pilsners are reasonably hoppy in comparison with different lagers—however can we actually, in a beer world that routinely sees beers with nearly 100 IBUs and all late or dry hopping, name these beers “hoppy”? Provided that […]
11 October 2016
Redhook Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter Recipe DoubleW uncategorized 5531

Redhook Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter Recipe

Redhook Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter (Seattle, Washington) is dark chestnut brown and is made with pureed pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and maple syrup. “This full-bodied, rich roasty porter makes you want to eat turkey and watch football or build a bonfire.” ALL-GRAIN OG: 1.056FG: 1.012IBUs: 28ABV: 5.8% MALT/GRAIN BILL 9 lb (4.1 kg) Pale malt (2-row) 10 oz […]
10 October 2016
Brewing with Capsicum (Candy Peppers) 6297891250 aee0ea5ee7 b

Brewing with Capsicum (Candy Peppers)

Candy crimson peppers, or capsicums, have a stunning and distinctive delicate spiciness that lifts any meal, so let’s put it in beer. Firstly, it’s necessary to know that inexperienced peppers are literally immature, so that they received’t have developed the complete depth of taste we would like. Despite the fact that they’re often a little bit cheaper, we don’t need […]
8 October 2016
Citraweiss Recipe DoubleW uncategorized 5531

Citraweiss Recipe

ALL-GRAIN Batch dimension: 6 gallons (22.7 liters) boil/5 gallons (19 liters) knockout Brewhouse effectivity: 75& Attenuation: 80% OG: 1.06 FG: 1.01 IBUs: 50 ABV: 6.5% MALT/GRAIN BILL 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) White wheat malt three.5 lb (1.6 kg) Pilsner malt 1.2 lb (544 g) Torrified wheat zero.four lb (181 g) Weyermann CaraMunich III HOPS & ADDITIONS SCHEDULE 2.5 oz (71 […]
2 October 2016
Make Your Best Robust Porter porter 1200x630

Make Your Best Robust Porter

You grow as a brewer, and as you do, you sometimes end up pushing yourself into more complex, technically challenging, obscure beer styles. It’s natural. It’s also a great idea, though, to occasionally double back to what can be described as more “beginner” styles, and when you do, you might be shocked at how much better they are this time […]
1 October 2016
Mom & Pop’s Wet Hops Lager Recipe e721cfa3259ce27de2ba1e98d5098fb7eac51dae amber lager recipe 1200x630

Mom & Pop’s Wet Hops Lager Recipe

The recipe for this wet-hops lager from Jack’s Abby changes every year because they use 10 percent local unmalted grain (whatever is available that year) and add as many wet hops as they can fit into the kettle. Says Sonia Friedman, marketing manager for Jack’s Abby, “[The approach] isn’t particularly scientific, but it delivers a truly unique flavor that can’t […]
17 September 2016
Oh My Gourd Smoked Pumpkin Brown Ale Recipe df875b7f7d0cacf6b61a2f238aed96226ba2472a brown recipe 1200x630

Oh My Gourd Smoked Pumpkin Brown Ale Recipe

Published: 2016-09-17 Dave Clapsaddle, a Packaging Tech at Odell Brewing beer, good food and traveling in Fort Collins, Colorado, roasts, smokes, and marinates pumpkins at his house to produce the puree that goes into Oh My Gourd. Dave doesn’t reveal exactly how he makes his pumpkin puree, but notes, “Some very simple spices are added, but very little to keep […]
13 September 2016
Comrade Fresh Hops Superpower IPA Recipe 3718f94e7cc8e7a57995ec3dc8e1db8436a296b8 ipa recipe 1200x630

Comrade Fresh Hops Superpower IPA Recipe

Denver Colorado’s Comrade Brewing beer, good food and traveling’s wet-hops American IPA won a 2014 GABF silver medal. With loads of Pacific Northwest hops, it has huge pine and grapefruit hops aromas, with flavors of citrus and balanced bitterness with a light malt character. ALL-GRAIN OG: 1.066 FG: 1.011 IBUs: 100+ ABV: 7.5% MALT/GRAIN BILL 12 lb (5.4 kg) Pale […]
11 September 2016
Think Small: Ideas for Brewing Session Beers session beer glasses 1200x630

Think Small: Ideas for Brewing Session Beers

Look at any tap list today and you’re bound to see a beer calling itself a “session” beer—ostensibly a 3–5 percent (the upper limit varies depending who you ask), drink-more-than-one style, or a lower-octane version of a bigger style. As a beer drinker, I’ve long been a proponent of lower-ABV beers, in part because I like to take my time […]
10 September 2016
Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela Recipe 776feee916b4a44ecebb6117d5f1b07e588bd61d amber recipe 1200x630

Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela Recipe

“Packed with real pumpkin, hints of spice, and a gentle kiss of cacao to lighten the soul, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales’ La Parcela ((Dexter, Michigan) is an every-day easy way to fill your squashy quotient. Only available for a few short months [unless you brew your own].” ALL-GRAIN OG: 1.050FG: 1.006–1.008IBUs: 22ABV: 5.9% MALT/GRAIN BILL 7 lb (3.2 kg) Pilsner […]

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